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Hey Girls,
I have a confession to make. I love parties! 
Pamper parties, glamour makeover parties, spa parties, disco kareoke parties....the list is endless...I've been to them all.... 
You see, I was looking for something different.  I wanted a party like no other.  We got busy and made a list. A list of wacky, fun ways to celebrate my special day. It was a list filled with :)
  •  jewellery designs to keep our creative minds active,
  • a heap of friendship, personality and sporty quizzes to keep us busy,
  • lucky draws to keep us on the edge of our seats,
  • handwriting analysis which made us laugh so hard my cheeks hurt,
  • we folded and creased beautiful papers to create friendship cranes, (these symbolise the fact we are all BFF - very Zen...or Japanese)...
  • we indulged in dipping, dripping chocolate, yummy pink foods, crispy wedges, cool as cucumber sandwiches....
  • served by our very own Pinkilicious Party Hostess

This  list became a reality. 

It was the best party I have EVER had.

We called it  our "Pinkilicious T-Party".
This is a gift from Kat my BF and I  to you.      
Enjoy and stay lovely!
Sammi XOX  :)
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